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Life Force is an association of like-minded people dedicated to changing the world.  All people can bring different talents & skills and different ways to shape the world into a place we all want to live in.

In general terms life force can be understood as the force within each human that provides life within the physical body which is in our blood. It is also the force that gives our soul the fuel to comprehend and govern our daily lives in this physical world.

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The Restoration Plan has many components and will require everyone in the world to be part of the change. On this site, we’ve created the building blocks to move forward with transitional phases. The goal is human liberation, a healthy planet, and human empowerment.

Working in conjunction with the Global Repository, and under the guidance & direction of our Global Trustee for finances and security, Kim Goguen, the global restoration plan will help we the people, to make the needed changes to restore our air, earth, water, and people to a more natural existence & enjoyable life experience

Check out this new exciting opportunity for the regular people.  A new way forward. Better than

Nesara/Gesara.  A think tank extraordinaire.


The Global Restoration Plan is a Revitalization & Redistribution of Basic Life Essentials. Clean water to drink and bathe in, fresh unpolluted air, safe affordable shelter, eco-friendly affordable energy, life sustaining affordable food, a cleaner environment for all life, and a safe community to live in.

Each community knows best what their community needs. The Global Restoration Plan’s goal is to help communities revitalize themselves by offering new people-powered support to the people who live in common unity all over this big, beautiful world.

The Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States is a Sovereign Collective of Nations and individuals who are contributing to the creation of a world worthy of the living souls that share this planet and the source that we derive our life force.

We recognize that this is a historic transitional moment, one that every living being is contributing to and benefiting from.

We enter into this new age with people at all levels of comprehension concerning the reality from which we have just emerged.

That being said, we must move with patience, love, and kindness as our extended family becomes aware of the crimes that we’ve been subjected to due to the failures of our predecessors so that we can work towards lasting solutions that foster an environment where personal autonomy, creativity, and fundamental freedoms for everyone are recognized as essential components to maintain safety and security.

No one should ever have to give up their freedom for the illusion of security.

This is the global self-governance organization which has replaced the United Nations.
of the journey from…

Projects and The Restoration Plan

A project is a commitment to produce a specific outcome in a specific period of time using specific resources in a sequence of actions.

Fundamental requirements
▪ Project holders must be in agreement with the Resolution of Once Accord
▪ Projects must align with community needs as assessed by Assemblies.
▪ Projects support the Restoration Plan.
▪ Projects produce inventions.
▪ Project produce innovations.

Definitions Regarding Projects, Assemblies, Councils,
Restoration Teams, Companies, Organizations, and Individuals.

Kimberly Ann Goguen wears many hats and is one of the most important people on the planet. Kim and her role is unknown by the majority of the people around the world. However, she is very well known by members of the Deep State.

She is an exceptional woman, who’s unique DNA qualified her as our new global trustee for finances & security, head of ground command for Earth, guardian of Earth’s assets, manager of the hall of records and representative as Earth’s Ambassador on the Intergalactic Council, as appointed by Source.

She has been tasked with the challenge of disassembling the old regime and control mechanisms that have kept the Earth & her people trapped in a 30,000 year cycle of orchestrated death & destruction, which includes the old money magic system established by the previous controllers.

Learn more about the History of Planet Earth

In this interview, Kim will explain how she got the position in the first place.

George Iceman of the Reveal Report

Kerry Cassidy Interview

Penny Kelly Interviews

Here are links to the explanation of how the old money magic system used to work, and what Kim has been doing to change the playing field to make it impossible for those who would abuse their power to continue playing their deadly games.

The Global Financial System-Part 1:The Global Financial System-Part 1:

The Global Financial System-Part 2:


  • Interim Head of State
  • Trustee of the Global Repository (Currency comptroller)
  • Global Trustee & Ground Commander
  • Guardian of the Global Assets

Steffen Rowe (Tank) empowers people to pursue the best versions of themselves. KRE8CHANGE is a movement to shift the power back to the people by giving them the resources, direction, and freedom they need to create the world they want to live in.

Tank s a multi talented, motivational speaker, former minister, truth teller & imagineer and core advisor, who is part of a core team all helping to support Kim Goguen in her efforts to free humanity from the tyranny that has kept us oppressed so that we can move away from poverty, fear, war, and the multiple manipulation mechanisms that have kept humanity poor, afraid & combative.

Tank is Lifeforce’s spokesman and moderator for all global Lifeforce meetings, as well as co-anchor on The United Network’s Live@5 daily news. Download the United Network , for free and available on Android & iTunes for the most up to date news, and weekly global updates, real news, from the people in the middle of the massive changes currently taking place.


  • Global Intelligence Agency Deputy Director
  • Lead messenger on Live@ 5
  • Owner of SPEAK Project – The Sovereign People of Earth Acting Knowledgeably Project

SPEAK Project YouTube Channel:

The Global Intelligence Agency was formerly controlled by different entities and has since been purged and restructured to operate as the Enforcement Agency for the Global Repository. The GIA is responsible to ensure that every transaction that leaves from the Global Repository is utilized for the Restoration Plan. 

The GIA is an international cooperative effort working directly with and for the Global Trustee & Ground Command Kim Goguen, and is the only officially recognized intelligence agency currently authorized to work on Earth, and the only intelligence agency with a valid charter currently recognized in the international hall of records.

The GIA is made up of highly qualified men & women, both terrestrial & non terrestrial, who have pledged themselves in service to the global trustee, as protection & of the people of Earth, not their governments, under the parameters of Natural Law.

The Global Repository is the accounting & ledger system, an aspect of the real Quantum Computer system, of which Kim is sole proprietor, executive director, and main programmer. This ledger system has reallocated the Earth’s wealth & assets, to reflect the true value of each country, including her people.

The Global Repository has replaced The Federal Reserve, and is now the only recognized chartered authority for the allocation and distribution of funds world wide. All humanitarian efforts put forth by global assemblies affiliated with the global restoration plan, that are deemed viable and seen as a way to improve quality of life for the people of Earth in some aspect, will be funded through the Global Repository.

Watch and Share Part 1 of the Global Repository system.  The Global Repository has replaced the Federal Reserve.

The global financial system has been monopolized and manipulated by less than 1% of the population for a long time. Recently, the Banking System was audited and revealed that every major financial institution in the world was insolvent. Due to fractional banking, they declared the debts owed as profits, but in reality, they don’t have enough money to pay their own bills.

Fortunately, the Key Integrated Monetary System has already been implemented which is the only reason that the world hasn’t suffered from a global economic collapse.
The K.I.M. System is designed to place the control of the financial system in the hands of the people. This creates more opportunity on every level from project funding, to job creation for the people.

The Global Repository holds the assets of the entire planet. Due to recently expired contracts, treaties, and covenants, a transition of power, which for years has been taking place behind the scenes, has been completed. These assets represent the collective wealth of the entire globe and include the most valuable treasures gathered throughout history.

Due to the failure of the previous Guardians to act in the best interests of the people and the planet, the Director of the GIA, Kimberly Ann Goguen was appointed in 2012. Kim is the author of the Global Restoration Plan designed to replace the United Nations and its attempt at a global holocaust.

The official Network of Kimberly Ann Goguen and Life Force.

Real News you won’t hear anywhere else. Declassified deep dives into world events and gives you the story behind the story. Real Talk brings you interviews and discussions about issues we all face today. The term “Deep State” you hear nearly everywhere, but who are they? What do they do? Deep State Decoded breaks down everything you need to know. Untold History from around the world and much more! 

United Network News is news by the people, for the people, sharing the most up to date news from all over the world. Anchored by Tank, or Kim herself, with updates, interviews and key knowledge, designed to keep those awake and looking for answers in the thick of what’s really going on in our world right now.

Life Force is the Essence, Source, Substance of ALL LIFE that binds humans, animals and the earth. We are here to assist in liberating and empowering every man and woman by co-creating a free and prosperous future for all.  Options to join your local province are available.

Life Force Canada is a branch of the Life Force Global platform.  People from across Canada who are awake to the truth and reality of our world and the issues affecting humanity from the fallout of the global plandemic who want to help and contribute to the restoration plan of Canadians have come together under Life Force Canada.

The goal is to plan projects expecting grants will be made available from the Global Repository with the intent to help Canadians in each province.

An assembly or PLAN Council (as named in Canada) is an association of like-minded people dedicated to changing their local world.  All people can participate and will bring different talents & skills and different ways to shape their province into a place we all want to live in.

A Platform For Global Restoration

By providing a platform of Assemblies where people can connect with other people, the Global Restoration Plan encourages us to openly share our knowledge, skills, abilities, talents, brainstorms and acquired wisdom to help each other solve today’s problems.

Doing so, we can restore our lawful rights regarding health, welfare, child & elder protection, energy, spirituality, laws, finances, security, education, environmental protection & regulations, and government influence.

There is a checklist provided for assembly members to follow which can be found at this link.

As of December 2021, there are 108 assemblies in the world actively pursuing ratification.

Canada – 11
Fully Ratified US Assemblies – 4
Ratification package sent – 50
New assembly/in progress – 54

PLAN Council Canada

PLAN Council Canada is an association comprised of members of all the provincial councils to work in cooperation on projects that benefit all of the people of Canada. 

We exist to empower the people of Canada to create positive change in our Country. To this end, we choose to stand together and find common ground. We choose to identify and carry out solutions that help both, people, and nature. We choose to honor each person’s diverse resources, skills, and talents, because success will require the engagement of the whole community.

To get in contact with your Canadian Provincial council, please click on the link below.

To get in contact with your City or County’s council, please click on the link below.

de jure PLAN Council Vancouver was formed in 2021 and began the ratification process in the summer of 2021.  

The Vancouver Council’s officers were elected in June 2021.







Foundational values of alignment that we believe can guide us in establishing a strong and healthy Council.

We affirm that we serve and accurately reflect the will, desires, and needs of We the Sovereigns fully, and to the best of our individual and collective ability as the PLAN Council Vancouver.

We affirm our PLAN Council Vancouver, will act according to the Natural Laws of Humankind which are built on the affirmation of the Divine Human.

We are all Divine, Sovereign Beings endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights that no person, no Being, no entity, foreign or domestic, nor any institution can take away.

We each have unique gifts, skills, and talents to share with our world.

We affirm that as a member we are sacred and precious human beings striving to serve the Highest Good for humanity.

We agree to meet with one another in a safe place where each voice is respected and honoured equally and completely.

We agree that no voice is suppressed or silenced in our PLAN Council Vancouver.

We affirm that each member will be given the opportunity to freely express their voice, including their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions in a manner that is not intended to be harmful, demeaning, slanderous or injurious to another.

We affirm that we are nonpartisan and seek to create a Council of We the Sovereigns, For the Sovereigns, free of dividing ideologies.


Updates from Life Force Global

Updates on ratification

Voting on motions

Acceptance of minutes from previous meetings

Treasurer’s report

Budget discussions and voting as needed

Security updates

Project updates

Presentations relating to the restoration plan

New business

Updates from Life Force Global

Updates on ratification for PLAN Council Vancouver

Updates on projects

Presentations relating to the restoration plan

Open Q&A

The business of PLAN Council Vancouver needs to be discussed and voted upon by officers and members in good standing to ensure only those members who have completed the entire registration requirements are privy to and can vote on the business/motions of the council.

The second meeting is held to support a need for new members and invited guests to begin to know the purpose and work of the council so they may decide in what areas they can make a contribution to the restoration.  They also are provided a forum to have their questions answered.

  1. Filled out the Member Application form online.
  2. Confirmed their email address via Aweber opt-in email.
  3. Invited by Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA) or an Officer and approved to be invited to the Public Zoom meeting.
  4. Read the Welcome and Info Package*. Are familiar with LifeForce, and the Council’s mission.
  5. Have attended at least 3 Public Zoom meetings within a 6 week period without objections raised by Officers or Members in Good Standing.
  6. eSigned the Resolution of One Accord with status Completed.
  7. Invited to participate in the Members in Good Standing Zoom meeting by Officers of the Council.
  1. Filled out the Member Application form online and submitted it.
  2. Confirmed their email address via the automated Aweber opt-in email.
  3. Vetted by Sergeant-At-Arms Officer and approved to be invited to the Public Zoom meeting.
  4. Read the Welcome and Info Package. Is familiar with Life Force, the global restoration plan and the de jure PLAN Council Vancouver’s mission.

The purpose of the documents is to set the new social contract for the new world.  They are to confirm that new members are serious about and committed to the restoration work and executing on duties assigned to them. For a very long time HOW we conduct ourselves in society and the world has been through and by default and experience.

How often have you heard that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”?  Well, this is being asked of you, up front to move towards the new way of being…..mainly Natural Law and a commitment to other sovereigns to Do No Harm and to remain fully informed and part of the decision making process.

Remember that this has never been done…ever. We are literally building the plane as we are flying it.  Enjoy!!

The Resolution of One Accord

These documents are typically handled by an electronic signature portal and only ask for your first name and middle or last name INITIAL. These documents, once signed can be downloaded for your records and are then kept with the secretary.

These documents do not get sent to any De facto government ANYWHERE and are not “registered” anywhere. They remain with this council and will only be shared with you upon request or with another de jure council also upon your request in the case that you may relocate.

This is a Historic time to be alive and helping to create the new way of being is both an honor and huge responsibility.

Committees are comprised of members who have a passion for the subject.  Other committees can be established as needed to support the local council.

The PLAN Council committees are:

  • Media/Communications
  • Health & Wellness
  • Treasury
  • Security
  • Law
  • Law Enforcement
  • Education
  • Environment – water, land, air
  • Public Works and Infrastructure – energy, technology
  • Life and Family
  • Animal Welfare
  • Project Management
  • Operations
  • Needs Assessment is a sub-council formed with committee chairs
  • Restoration team – implement solutions for restoration
  • Ratification Committee – support local council ratification

Committee responsibilities

  • Needs Assessment: write orders to stop what’s wrong
  • Restoration: Create solutions, remedies & alternatives
  • Utilization: Project proposals, implementation, action plans

Additionally, working proposal teams are assembled to explore a specific topic such as a new policy and bring it back to the larger council members for adoption and voting.

Any member can complete the committee sign-up form for the areas they are interested in or are passionate about.  The committee chair will receive the volunteer sign-up form and connect with the member to review and process their request.

You are invited to join the Life Force Canada Thinks Tanks.

Below is a list of each one.

Mark your calendar and then click on the appropriate zoom link to listen in.

If you feel inspired share your thoughts, creative ideas, and potential projects that would serve your town or community. We need your voice!


Any member in good standing with committee experience of four meetings may submit their resume/qualifications as an application for any open position.

The applicant will be invited to a scheduled Officers’ meeting to make a brief presentation of their qualifications/passion for the position.

On the conclusion of the meeting, the voting forms will be sent to each member in good standing. A deadline for voting for each position will be provided (typically one week)

The successful applicant will be advised by email in advance of the next Officers meeting.

The results of the vote will be announced at the meeting and documented in the minutes.  The position is effective immediately.

Please note:

  • Vacancies of any positions within a committee including co-chair can be decided amongst the remaining committee team members. These openings are not part of the job posting process.
  • These positions are all voluntary without compensation until such time as ratification and funding is approved.

Each interested individual must fill out the member form on the PLAN Council Vancouver website by clicking JOIN on the website.

Join Council

Each person will be contacted by a Sergeant-At-Arms officer for a conversation.  Once the conversation is completed and both parties wish to move forward, the individual’s information will be provided to the secretary of the council for processing.  The individual will be invited to attend the Members & Invited Guests meeting. 

Each individual is under no obligation to continue if they feel participation in the council no longer suits them.

Many of our members feel a sense of connectedness and support by joining our weekly meetings and engaging in our committees to work on bringing lasting positive change to a world that we see is sinking into deeper and deeper turmoil. We all know we want to change the world for the better, but sometimes it is hard to imagine where to start. PLAN Council Vancouver will provide that safe nurturing space for you, where your voice, your ideas and your passions matter.

All of us had been in the same position at one time or another where you are right now. If you are looking for answers in a cooperative, supportive group where you can fully express yourself without fears of judgement, please take the first step and get in touch with us so we can get to know you better.  

Join Council